CrazyLady is a company dedicated to producing passionate and relevant contemporary theatre that explores meaningful issues in people's lives. Our goal is to make theatre that is alive, accessible and appealing to people from all walks of life. 

Founded in 2014 by Wes Berger (Artistic Producer), Sarah Murphy-Dyson (Artistic Producer),  and George F. Walker (Creative Consultant). 

"Why I'm working with Wes and Sarah of CrazyLady- They're smart, funny energetic, kind, insightful and dedicated. They don't use words like Art and Vision. They talk instead of making connections with an audience, of showing them parts of their lives on stage. Real things that provoke and move and even baffle. They want to explore much more than their own anxieties and their own personal growth. They want to share what they've found out in life and ask what what else they can explore. They are serious without being precious. And, very very important to me, they can talk about the value of theatre without making me want to vomit or rip my ears off."- George F. Walker

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