Parents Night: NNN, The Bigger Issue: NNNN
 -"...there’s dramatic tension right from the start in the scene between the callow, idealistic Suzy (Heximer) and the tough-assed, burned-out Irene (Murphy-Dyson), who couldn’t bear to return to the teaching trenches. Her speech about a worsening education system that causes those who work in it to have a crisis of faith is a highlight."
"Puddicombe stands out, this time as a mother who defends her family by means of intimidation and insinuation, and Olver fits... easily into the role of the insecure, well-intentioned Jack ..."

-Jon Kaplan, NOW Magazine, Read it here

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"Director Wes Berger makes the perfect interpreter, fine-tuning all the symmetry of Walker’s script. The cast, especially the wide-ranging Sarah Murphy-Dyson, is pretty much flawless in its timing."
"A lot of craft has gone into making those voices count and turning 65 minutes of hard-hitting tragicomedy into a cathartic event."
"Parents Night, a tightly scripted, breath-takingly confrontational pas de trois between two parents of struggling seven-year-olds and the children’s beleaguered teacher."

-Susan Walker, Read it here

"Walker’s writing is a licence to chew the scenery and the company’s young actors go at it with an appetite. Puddicombe stands out as the rude Rosie, a bulldozer in tiger-striped leggings – even if she later gives a variation on the same performance in The Bigger Issue. Murphy-Dyson is hilarious as the burnt-out principal Irene, who scratches herself compulsively as though she were allergic to authority. Olver excels as a couple of feckless males and Heximer’s rookie teacher is the picture of perplexity and despair."
- Martin Morrow,  The Globe and Mail, Read it here

"As in all of Walker’s best work, there is a lot happening here on several levels... It is extremely funny and bitingly satirical...But then we are aware of a deep sadness under the surface."
"The cast, under Wes Berger’s direction, gets a lot of things right; Murphy-Dyson and Puddicombe in particular seem quite well attuned to Walker’s stylistic demands."
3/4 Stars

 - Robert Crew, The Toronto Star, Read it here 

"We, however, had had a wonderful time with the rapid fire jokes and biting humor. There’s a quick and rather odd fade-out at the end as the people are left still wrangling – just like in the movies. But overall it’s Walker at his best: high volume humor sandwiched with lots of social digs."

  "Spectators are giving the Getoge F Walker Double Bill an A+"
 -Theatre Reader

 "(Murphy-Dyson is)... engaging as the teacher...especially when indignantly channelling her inner Julia Louis-Dreyfus"
 - Rebecca Tucker, The National Post, Read it here

"At times hysterically funny and at other times beautifully painful, this play is amazing!"- Beverly Horton, View Magazine

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"It's bold, funny and filled with plenty of wicked observations" - Gary Smith, Hamilton Spectator 

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Sarah Murphy-Dyson listed as one of Gary Smith's top performers of 2014

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Dana Puddicombe- you need to respect the show- Gary Smith, Hamilton Spectator 

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